martes, 11 de octubre de 2011

Hispania Day

Bender Bending Rodriguez; Conquistador

hey hey hey

I was born a rebel

-Tom Petty

Wednesday is a holiday. it's Hispania Day (Columbus Day in the USA,) also know as "Conquistador: We Slaughtered 1 1/2 Continents of Indigenous Peoples Day. But i still have like 23 hours this week, thanks to an 8 hour Friday. So a nice work week shaping up. TD pass to Obamanu (the most fun name to say in the NFL). 7-0 Seattle.

Oh, how i wish Kevin was here so i could throw an empty beer can at him while SEA still has the lead.

I really do miss all you people very much. It's just not the same without you.

The Giant O looks sharp.

TD throw to Ballard down the ROADWAY middle. The G Men ran the ball well at Seattle has not been bad against the run.

This is a surprising start.

14 - 14 HALF

I made another monster BLT sandwich. Delicious. The Seahawks had every chance to bury the Giants and did not.

Seahawks sack Manning!

Imagine if Peyton Manning and Eli Manning respectively married Dakota Fanning and Stockard Channing on the same day at the same place. "Are you here for the Fanning/Manning Channing/Manning Weddings? That would be AWESOME!

Bud Light the official beer of the NFL. What a shitty beer.

Strativarius Jackson is out. Charlie Whitewurst is back in. Charlie looks pretty good running the hurry up offense. Seattle got a safety. 16-14 Seattle. What an ugly ugly game. I might have to shower after this game if i'm ever to feel clean again.

Whitewurst looks good again. The Hawks are on the move!

68 yard TD pas to Cruz. Eli just hurled it up and Cruz came down with a miracle. 22-19 NYG. 12:34 left. Come on Whitewurst!

20 yd pass to Baldwin. The Beast runs for 5. 4th down, This is not going to end well for Seattle.

Terranova looks like horrible show. Cruz just fumbled. From boom to bust for him. SEA ball on the 25. If the universe is just, this game should end ion a tie. Exciting, but shoddily played. 6 turnovers! 4th down. SEA didn't get a sniff, Hauschaka makes it. 22 -22.

26 yd FG for Tynnes. 25-22. Baldy up to the 40. 3rd down. Baldy again for the 1st. Down to the 30, pass to McCoy. Holy shit! TD Seahawks! Mel and Jan are at the game. Mel must be going nuts!

Weiswurst comes through! To Baldy! 27 yrd TD. The Giants just gave up on it. I think they thought it was offsides. 29-25 SEA. still 2:37 on the clock. Out to the 34yd line. They have all three time outs left. What a game! A crazy game. 41 yard pass play. Giants at the SEA 24. Yikes.

And SEA intercepts and he runs it back for a TD. Holy Crapapalooza! Seahawks win 36-25. I don't believe it. First Eastern Time Zone win in almost 4 years.

hey hey hey

i was born disheveled


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