lunes, 24 de octubre de 2011

Grey Skies

What an ugly game between Seattle and Cleveland. They lost 6-3. I am actually happy that i had a class at 19:00 and was saved the agony of watching the first half. I switched to Miami / Denver cuz i picked up Tim Tebow last week for my fantasy league. 15 - 15. He ran in the 2 point conversion. Overtime! Tebow has another chance to score some fantasy points. Because when you are a Seahawk fan in 2011, all you have is the stray upset and fantasy football.


Ugh! Teaching on a Sunday is a bad idea. Into the shower and then out to Pozuelo to teach. It's raining. The sky is never grey in summer. At first i was afraid there had been an atomic attack and that it was nuclear winter. No such luck. I still have to go to work.


It's an October miraculum! My 13:00 student had to cancel and i still get paid. Go Jaybo... Go jaybo ... Go Jaybo

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