sábado, 8 de octubre de 2011

done and done

Original logo of the Milwaukee Brewers, 1970, after the Pilots moved there from Seattle

The Yanks = done in by Detroit
Philly's = stick a fork in 'em
Arizona = no one cares about your racist state
Tampa = You embarrassed Boston. What more we ask?

Since i hate all things Texas (excepting American Laura) i have to go with Leeland, Verlander and the Motor City boys. When is the last time they won a title? - 1984.

But i am an NL guy. So therefore, i have to root for the Brew Bags. I like the city of St. Louis but i hate the Cardinals and Tony LaRussa. A shout out to our crack research time for digging up their original logo (i give them the crack they crave when they find good pics and i crack them upside the head <"i want to see if it sounds hollow, take two," when they suck.) It's kind of a goofy logo, but that's Budd Slugg. His name is Beer Barrel Man. His body is a beer barrel. Yikes.

Dammit. Now i want a beer. Oooh, it's 13:27 on Sabado. I can do that.

So hopefully Prince Fielder and Mr. Greinke can take out the cards and punch a ticket to the World Series with Detroit. And if they win the World Series i can continue my campaign of sending angry anonymous post cards to Budd Slugg, reminding him how they never won jack while he was owner, but won a WS after just 7 years with Attanasio as owner.

But i think the Beer Barrel Man showed potential. Thusly, i have created a new beer themed logo for the Brewers that i shall offer them. I present to you; Foam Head.

 I know. It's brilliant. Thank you.

Friday I left my house at 8am and finished at 8pm. 8 hours on a Friday is unheard of. But the new academy needed a substitute for 4 hours of TOEIC prep, which is something i have a lot of experience with. The four hours were at the office. Afterwards, Jennifer (the office manager) told Esperanza (the owner) that i had been teaching since 8 AM. She was like, "whoa!' They offered me more work if i can jam it into my schedule. So now they know as well that i am a professor/puta and that i will take as many hours as i can handle. "If i could only clone myself," i said. Today i am exhausted.

I finished the first class TOEIC and Helena, the student, said to Jennifer, "He is a very good teacher." Jennifer said, "Someone else said that today. Who was it? Do you know Lyndsay?"

It was my old boss, Lyndsay Buckingham. I said "yes" and told her how we used to do intensive classes together for years. Lyndsay works at Oxford and they offer Sotomayor (the academy) classes if we use their books. Jen said Lyndsay offered them some classes and Jen said, maybe Jay can take them. And Lyndsay said, "Jay Greco?" "Yes," Jen said. And Lyndsay said "He's a great teacher!"
So thank you Lyndsay Buckingham! i've only been there a week but things are going swimmingly.


It's one o'clock and time for lunch,
When the sun beats down and I lie on the bench,
I can always hear them talk.


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