viernes, 21 de octubre de 2011

The Friday Finish Line.


The Life and Times of Tio Jota

I am beyond exhausted. Working 8 hours a Friday had been nuts, but the 4 hours of TOEIC classes are done now. It was fun. I like preparing people for that test.

I finished at 20:00 and staggered home. I only got maybe 4 hours sleep. I haven't slept well the past few Thursday nights. It's rough to have Friday be the earliest day of the week. I'll get used to it. Takes maybe 45 minutes to get up there to Metro San Lorenzo. Maybe make some pasta and then watch a movie. If i last that long.

... and i can't find my way home
-Blind Faith

Qaddafi is dead. The Arab Spring continues. It's time we wrested control of the world from out of the hands of idiots. In Africa. In Europe. In Asia. In North America. And so on and so forth.

oooooohhhhhhhhh! I get grumpy when i'm tired.

Screw it. It's Friday. I can do as i feel fit.

Enjoy the weekend everybody. Kiss your children and cats and dogs for me. Tell them Tio Jota says "Hola!"

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