domingo, 30 de octubre de 2011


Hooray! October will soon be over! Pat Smith turned 45, i was broke as hell and the weather finally felt like Fall.

Do i think the Seahawks can beat the Bengals in Seattle. No. No i don't. But my fantasy team, the Madrid Mayhem, are battling to get to 4-4 with 5 weeks left in the regular season.

The game started at 21:00 instead of 22:00. Ever since W Bush the USA has been a 21st Century Schizoid Man about changing the clocks. Since when does the USA change the first week in Nov.? So, this week i am only 5 hours ahead of you.

Please send me pics of your kids in costume. I love this holiday.

Cincinnati is rolling on their first possession.

CIN 10
3:25 in the 1st Q

The first SEA first down comes from a kicking penalty. Now SEA has something going. And Whitehurst is sacked. Holding Penalty. I may have to switch games. 4th down on the CIN 28. Hauschka will attempt a 47 yd field goal. It's up.... it's good!

CIN 10

But the 'Hawks have to stop Dalton and the Bengals. TJack is warming up on the sidelines. The D is getting meaner. They are best in the NFL against the run. SEA ball, S 35 yd. line.

Lynch fumbles. CIN ball. This is grisly.

And i thought the Seahawks were bad last year. This is twice as bad.

Andy Dalton is very good at scrambling to at least get to throw it away. The Seahawks could have had him. I wished they had drafted him. Neither TJack no Whitehurst is the answer at QB.

TJack is in. Sidney Rice got the 1st down, but they called it short and SEA has challenged.

Ugly game. The Seahawks turn the NFL into 1916 trench warfare. Last week vs. CLE was the ugliest game i've ever seen.

OVERTURNED! SEA 1st and ten. Lynch is stuffed. Loss of 3. You can't run against CIN.


3rd and inches for CIN and SEA jumps offsides.

2:00 warning.

TD pass CIN.

CIN 17


It doesn't get any uglier than this.

Big catch by Obamanu. Big catch by Baldwin. At the CIN 11. TJack is sacked. Please make it stop.

Seattle goes for it on 4th and 2 on the CIN 4 yd line. Lynch does not get in and the half expires.


I'm done.

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