domingo, 16 de octubre de 2011



The Giants are tied with Buffalo, 24 - 24. 6:36 left in the 4Q.

Giants win!

Well, Julie was awesome. We started talking when i picked her up by the turtle pool in Atocha and then went for Korean food. We talked for 2 hours during dinner and then went to Sol. She needed to try and pick up something for her friend Maite(Maite is 6 foot and finds it hard to find clothes big enough in their small town) at Mango, a women's store (for whom Penelope and Monica Cruz (Monica is hotter) do endorsements for. Anyway, she kept apologizing for bringing me into the place. I told her "no worries." i told her it was not a problem, that it had been a long time since i had been in one (because i used to be in them with Sue from time to time.) Then she saw something she wanted to try on. She apologized again to me, so i told her how i always admire women's stores from the marketing side. There was very upbeat dance music. They're selling the idea; you are going to look hotter than Texas asphalt in this when you go out! And Julie is a hottie herself. Man! 45?!! She looks great. But when we talked about the 70's in the NYC area, she had certainly been there. I like to do CIA background checks as well.

LUNES 23:22

So it was just a very relaxed and fun first 6 1/2 hour date. We said we'd stay in touch and that i would try to go down by her in the next few weeks. So yes... a sense of possibilities.

She's been going through a rough time with her ex of two years, a Spanish guy from the town she lives in with her 2 sons. I told her to hang in there, and i told her my story. And then i told her that Sue and i are fine now and that Annie is my like my sobrina (niece.) On the other hand her ex sounds like an immature horses ass, and sometimes that is just how it shakes out. But at this point there's still hope. They need time apart. She lived in the States for a while with her parents and the distance was good, but she had to come back.

I think Europe and North America should create a Divorcee Exchange, that allows work visas for people who have been

1. recently divorced,

2. want some distance between them and their ex

3. would welcome a change of scenery. Start fresh.

Maybe it would work. It did for me. And for my relationship with Sue. And i even have a new relationship with all of you back home now. Our friendships are always there, just with a twist of lime and a splash of grenadine. It's just a little different. But it's just as delicious.

Anyway, she's a Nice lady. Guay (cool.) Confident. Down to earth, Funny. Curses. Own's Exit...Stage Left. Hotter than Texas Asphalt.

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