sábado, 1 de octubre de 2011


The night is crawling closer to the action
Your mouth is driving me into distraction, you talk too much
Well, every story needs to have an ending
We might as well give up all this pretending and clear the air
-Steven Wilson

Cara told me about this band Mogwai from Scotland. I downloaded 3 albums and they are great. Post-rock, think progressive rock but without extensive guitar or keyboard solos. The Steve Hackett album has moments but really isn't very complete. But hell, Hackett hasn't had a really solid entire album since
Spectral Mornings in 1979 (Kevin must have heard this album 2 dozen times while we roomed together at college.) And the new Steven Wilson Album? It's amazing. I met Cara's new boyfriend at her birthday party this month. He is a drummer too and we talked about Porcupine Tree for about a half an hour.

Maria came up from Getafe last night. She saw my new place, met the boys and then we went for a few beers. It was a great time.

I'm pretty well prepped for classes this week. Now more editing! It never ends.

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