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I was harassing Philadelphia people all day long on BookFace. I love this photo.

All Davis has died. Life is unfair. The Raiders have a halfway decent team for the first time in years. They look like they've turned the corner if the can ever get their receivers sorted. And then Al Davis dies. As a Seahawks fan, i always hated you and the Oakland/Los Angles/Oakland Raiders. But he was a crazy sports icon. RIP.

Man! I cons are dropping like flies this week. And in Europe the beginning of the week is Monday. Our calendars start on Monday.

I am slogging through A FEAST OF CROWS. I'm halfway thru. This is the 3rd consecutive book i've read in the series since August. I just haven't had much time to read lately. And then, i probably need a break before i tackle the 5th one. Plus, it's still only in hard cover, and at 1,040 pages, it's too big to lug around in my back pack with all my other books.

Well, Mom and Mel get to see the Seahawks manana cuz they play the Giants. I'm going to apologize in advance. It will be lousy. The best thing they can do is lose every game from here on in and draft Andrew Luck. But a lot of teams suck. Seattle, Jacksonville, Carolina, Arizona, KC, Denver, and Philly are all 1-3. Indy, Minnesota, Miami and St. Louis are all 0-4! That's eleven teams with losing records and that's only through week 4! SF has a 2 game cushion in the NFC West at 3-1. That's pathetic.


Listening to; Unplugged and Jamming vol 1 - Joni Mitchell

Getting ready for the week. Kind of. Lazy. Tired. What else? Eat, clean, room. Prep classes. Watch Seattle implode vs. the Giants. Watch the Brew Crew. Iron clothes. Maybe go for a walk. It's 72F and lovely. Last night i made the greatest BLT sandwich in all creation - Lettuce, baby Roma tomatoes, 5 chunky pieces of bacon and Hellman's Mayonnaise. It was epic. It's nice to have a nice kitchen again so i feel like cooking.

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