domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011




i heard a rumour the World Series was going on. Game 3 tonight is the first game i am really watching.
Texas + St. Louis = Who the Hell Cares

I read the first night ratings abysmal.

And Theo Epstein has reportedly joined the Cubs as a Cabana Boy.

It's going to rain tomorrow for maybe the 4th time since the first week of June.

So, i'm going to hang the laundry that just finished cycling on the drying rack inside in the sitting room. The boys are off in the country at Eduardo's parents.

I have a class tomorrow at 19:00. Hard to fit everyone in these days and cash is cash at the end of the month.

I chatted to Kathy Dunn today for a few minutes thru IM. It was great.

Off to see the laundry hanged.

- - -

The Rangers are falling apart. It's 5 - 0 St. Louis.

I have the heater on low and a a fleece on. It's 50F. Winter is Coming. But this room heats up quickly. I'm toasty now. Nicely toasted.

What a sloppy inning for the Rangers. I hate the Cardinals.

Now the Rangers let loose with some offense. 5 - 3. That is a high scoring ball park out there in Arlington. Beautiful park. But Texas is too hot, even at night. I saw two games in July and i roasted. Holliday threw out the runner at home who was trying to tag. 5 - 3.


Pujols exploded for 3 HR's and St. Louis crushed Texas. I hate to say it but the Cards are going to win this Series. They were the hottest team in Sept. as the Braves blew an even bigger lead than the Choke Sox did. And this is why the Wild Card works - the hottest teams get into the playoffs. It's also why 4 Wild Cards have won the World Series (St. Louis would be the 5th if they win this year) and 6 others (including this years Cardinals) have reached the World Series.

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