martes, 4 de octubre de 2011

Habitat for Profanity

Well, here's the original J&J's logo, and then here's the Bender Tuesday one that Maria created. It's actually a button i keep on the fridge, which is appropriate because that's where the beer is.

Monday = Habitat for Profanity

Yesterday was just one of those Monday's from which no light can escape. I went to a new class at Eurocopter (yep, they make helicopters) but the HR Dept. forgotton to send an email that classes were Lunes y Miercoles. Wasn't my fault, so i'll make sure the school pays me. This is the new academy and they aren't the most organized. What a surprise! 4 hours today. All private so all cash. Hooray! I work til 21:00 and Monica's house is around the corner from J&J's

Tuesday = Habitat for Insanity

This logo will also be the used for Bender Tuesday Inc. Look at me Mum! I finally have that shell company i always wanted!

Living the dream, baby. Living the dream.

Listening to;
The Heavy Soul Sessions - Djam Karet
The Joshua Tree - U2
Special Moves - Mogwai

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