lunes, 3 de octubre de 2011

Rambling On

I am watching Pitt/Houston. Houston is my early pick to win the Stupor Bowl. But stupid penalties have kept Pitt in the game.

Matt Hasselbeck is one of my fantasy football teams. I'm currently 0-3 but it's not Hass' fault. He must be so happy to have a decent offensive line, a top running back and two great receivers (except now Kenny Britt is out for the year with a torn ACL (not good for a wide receiver.

I saw one episode of PERSON OF INTEREST and i like it. Not a big james Cavezial fan (every time i see him. Every time is see him i picture him being scourged or crucified with horrifying physical accuracy.)

Tangent: (1) THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST was nothing but a snuff film. I get it - getting crucified is one of the most horrible deaths you can endure. That's why it was the hammer (no pun intended) of the Roman Empire. You thought long and f*^king hard about committing a crime that was punishable by crucifixion. Because if you were sentenced to die this way, you were going to wish you had never been born.

(2) I cannot recommend THE GOOD MAN JESUS AND THE SCOUNDREL CHRIST by Philip Pullman. It's an extra-ordinary re-imagining. poignant and probably closer to the truth than anything that's been written in the last 2,000 years.

(3) Mel Gibson had been accused of being anti-semtic while the film was being made. After his arrest for DWI by a Jewish California police officer and the ensuing tirade, it's now clearly true.

What the fuck was i talking about? Oh yeah, person of interest. Caveziel is very believable. And i like Michael Emerson from all his time on LOST. It's a cool premise. We shall see. I liked LOST and JJ Abrams had a big part in that. We shall see. File under; To Be Revealed.

And i like the Bills to play Houston in the AFC Championship game. They are pretty stacked as well as far as talent. I guess the defense is what is suspect in Buffalo.

PITT is slugging back at Houston. It's 10-10. I guess Houston has troubling finishing. Like a Red Sox thing. You know how those things are. And a key player left the game injured. I don't recall who it was. I thought it was an offensive player.

A high of 78F felt nice and cool today. It'll be more like 85F starting manana. It's October!

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