viernes, 14 de octubre de 2011

San Lorenzo

I hold the line - the line of strength that pulls me through
the fear
San Jacinto - I hold the line
San Jacinto - the poison bite and darkness take my sight -
I hold the line
And the tears roll down my swollen cheek - think I'm losing
it - getting weaker
I hold the line - I hold the line
San Jacinto - yellow eagle flies down from the sun -
from the sun
-Peter Gabriel

Every Friday morning i catch the Ceranias to the Metro line 8 to Metro line 4; San Lorenzo. And i always find myself singing the Gabriel song, San Jacinto, inserting San Lorenzo.

San Lorenzo - I hope i get there in time - get there in time!

8 hours on Fri kills me. Gonna watch Brewers - Cards now.

I had a horrible dream that Prince Fielder ate the artist formerly known as/currently known as Prince. He had horrible arrogant flatulence for 7 days and the Brewers lost the NLCS to the Cards! And then Purple Rain fell from the sky. It was fucking awful. It smelt like Prince warmed over.

editor's note: no doves cried

I heard somewhere that Prince only listens to his own stuff. That must be nice.
-Tom Petty

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