sábado, 15 de octubre de 2011

A sense of possibilities

Original Winnipeg Jets logo, 1979

Pavements may teem with intense energy, But the city is calm in this violent sea.


Hope you all dig the new Album of the Week thing. I guess i'm always thinking about music, so why shouldn't we all be? I am listening to Moving Pictures right now. And last Saturday i listened to Julie Slick's album. It's the new ritual. Sue plays Annie the i send them on Saturday morning as well.

I sleep like a dawg after those 8 hour Fridays. Class at 9:00 AM? What are they, Amish that they have to wake so early cuz you can't have electricity?

Shower - shop - eat - clean, then class at 16:30. 76F today. It was 88F the past three days. Still wearing shorts. Madness. I feel like a crab, a victim of global steaming.

Congratulations on the Winnipeg Jets returning to the NHL. I have an old white Jets jersey. However, as of now, they have 0 points. They've only played two games but we are over week into the season. And they are in the Southeastern Conference as they were Atlanta last year, so they play the Caps six times this year, which is cool because they suck.

- - -

Texas wins the AL again. Snore.

Today i have a date. I am meeting this girl, Julie, at Atocha Train Station at 13:30. She is from Ciudad Lineal (about an hour away) and we met online. She is from Brooklyn, divorced with two kids, is remarkably age appropriate (45) and seems down to earth. So, she's coming up for the day. I shall let you know what comes to pass, dear readers.

I feel the sense of possibilities,
I feel the wrench of hard realities.
The focus is sharp in the city.

So time to get ready! Woo hoo! Am i nervous? A little, but that will pass. A bit of nerves is a good sign.

Are they oblivious
To this quality?
A quality
Of light unique to
Every city's streets.

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